Sandy King's Note about UV density of film base

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Date: 02/18/04-01:09:49 AM Z
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A few days ago, Sandy King posted a note regarding, which I have since lost
track of.

Sandy was pointing out that he had tested some (I believe it was) Tri-X film.
  His note mentioned that the film base showed a UV density of Log 1.0—Sandy
can correct me if I am not quoting him correctly from memory.

I don't know if anyone responded to Sandy's note or not. I sometimes don't
get all the posts that are sent to the list—Mother AOL seems to filter out
some of the posts—especially when Judy starts talking naughty about nekkid

Anyway, I was thinking about this and wondering:

1. Is this a new "feature" that Kodak is adding to the film, perhaps being
so kind as to protect the film from UV after it has been developed? Or just a
major screw up on their part, not realising that black and white film is used
for other things besides printing on their polycontrast RC paper?

and if so...

2. Won't this sort screw up printing in a lot of alt processes just a bit
by increasing exposure times dramatically?

3. Does anyone know where I could find information on reciprocity failure
with PT/PD printing?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Nelson
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