screen, anti-splash, etc. Rockland Halo Chrome

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Date: 02/18/04-12:01:29 AM Z
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A couple of hints for the toning, remembered when I viualized that tray
with its 1/2 cc ammonia .... when you pour the toner on the print, don't
pour onto the image area, as it's likely to leave a splash or other
irregular effect because the action starts so intensely. Pour onto an
edge, then let it sweep evenly over the surface & agitate vigorously...
also I found that the print got effects from the tray, either repeating
the ridge pattern in the print, or copying the image in black silver on
the back (something electromagnetic I assume -- the bleach was *copper*).

What solved all such problems was laying piece of fiberglass screening in
the tray the size of the print but long enough to stick out on the side --
so you can pick up the wet print with it (it clings) and avoid marks tongs
would make in the soft wet plated-out silver.

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