Re: Polymer Plate 80% screen Weirdness Solved!

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Date: 02/17/04-11:59:09 AM Z
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Baird, Darryl wrote:
> As to these having the "quality" of no plate tone, I'd submit that
> quality is relative to the experience of the user. Wiping plates is
> one of the skills we acquire when using ink on any plates. Your
> mileage may vary...

Thanks for the links Darryl.

With the right person wiping I'm sure plate tone can be minimized if not
eliminated entirely with conventional plates, if desired. My instructor is a
big fan of plate tone, but I am not -- at least not until I get better control.
  The nature of my subject matter involves 'happy accidents', but I'm not ready
to introduce it into the printing process just yet. There are enough random
hurdles (including Newton Rings) for now.

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