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Date: 02/16/04-10:03:50 AM Z
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I understood that dependent on one's saliva which, normally, again, as
understand, is alkaline, it could alter the quality/color of the retouching
fluid. Since then, I place some on my retouching pallete for I do a lot of
color, and dissolve all my colors w/alcohol.
Jack Fulton

> And I still do! =) It was the way I was taught a
> million years ago at a custom B&W lab I worked at in
> St. Louis...If there's something toxic in SpoTone #3
> then that would explain a lot about me.
> Eric
>> I've seen some photographers use their spittle
>> for spotting silver
>> gelatin but they look so silly with black
>> streaks on their tongue. As a
>> mater of fact that's how Michael A. Smith
>> recommends spotting. I've seen
>> him do it.
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