Re: Polymer Plate 80% screen Weirdness

Date: 02/16/04-12:54:11 PM Z
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I don't blame you for those concerns...I would check around and ask what
people have used to successfully avoid Newton's Rings when burning polymer plates.
  I would worry about the talc clogging the vacuum pump.

Mark Nelson
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> I think this is kind of what I'm seeing, only there are dozens of them,
> and very small, about the diameter of a pin head and larger.  I'm getting
> a fair amount of pressure, but maybe the pad needs to be replaced.
> Don't I need pure talc, or will perfumed baby powder be okay?  I'm a
> little concerned about what affect fragrance and other additives might
> have on the plate and/or film....  Hell, I'm a little concerned what
> affect talc will have inside my frame vacuum!
> Jon
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