Re: Polymer Plate 80% screen Weirdness

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Date: 02/16/04-11:09:09 AM Z
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I think this is kind of what I'm seeing, only there are dozens of them,
and very small, about the diameter of a pin head and larger. I'm getting
a fair amount of pressure, but maybe the pad needs to be replaced.

Don't I need pure talc, or will perfumed baby powder be okay? I'm a
little concerned about what affect fragrance and other additives might
have on the plate and/or film.... Hell, I'm a little concerned what
affect talc will have inside my frame vacuum!


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> I'm not sure what it looks like‚€”dusting talc reminds me of the problem with
> scanning negatives where talc or mounting fluid is used to avoid Newton's
> rings. Here is a website showing the effect:
> It does indeed look very much like a mark made by a water drop....this is
> probably the culprit.
> The Newton's Rings effect would also be exacerbated by uneven pressure on the
> negative/plate contact area‚€”which could be due to eneven pressure of the
> vacuum table membrane beneath the two.
> So, get out your old can of baby powder....
> Hope this helps.
> Mark Nelson
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> > Thanks for your input Mark.  Not sure how the pebbling up against the back
> > of the plate would do anything to affect the film on top, but who knows? 
> > I'm wondering if the pebbling on the frame vacuum hasn't somehow affected
> > the screen in areas where the two came in direct contact with one another.
> >
> > I've read on Strange Ross' site he uses a dusting of talc on the plate to
> > remove air bubbles.  I may try that and/or call Peter at Alpha Graphics
> > and see what he thinks.  I will let the list know how it goes.
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Jon
> >
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