Re: Polymer Plate 80% screen Weirdness

Date: 02/15/04-10:38:35 PM Z
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could it be from the pebbled surface of the vacuum frame making contact on
the underside of the plate and causing an uneven pressure, thus little ripples?

Mark Nelson
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> Thanks Christina,
> I'm using a screen made at Alpha Graphics and am using Pictorico OHP
> transparencies.  I am using a frame vacuum.  If I watch the exposure of
> the screen, I do see some bips (my own term) in the surface of the film
> from the pressure, but it's otherwise smooth.  I don't know what could be
> causing the little indentations.  The screen also comes off the frame
> vacuum perfectly smooth too (no kinks or bips -- they only exist during
> the exposure).
> Jon
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