Re: need advice on gum coating

From: Kate Mahoney ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/14/04-05:46:46 PM Z
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Chuck, you're probably using too much emulsion. As little as you can get is
the best. I coat using a damp brush, which is then dipped into the emulsion
and wiped off against the side of the jar before coating. I also add a
little alcohol to the emulsion. After brushing in both directions to even
the coat i just roll over the whole area lightly with a foam roller in bothe
directions - this usually evens out the coat. Also emulsion will soak into
paper unevenly if it's not sized properly - gum emulsion needs to float on
the surface rather than soak into the paper.

Also - remember this is a handmade process! Indexical artist marks are part
of the charm
Hope this is some help

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