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What colour of pigment did you use??

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Subject: need advice on gum coating

> I've read most of the modern books on gum and several of the old
> I can't get any where near an even coating--I get brush marks and uneven
> spots. I've tried four different brands of gum, four different brands of
> watercolor with each. I've added photo flo. I've added ox gall.
> I used to be a pretty good woodworker but I had the same problem with
> varnish. In the end, I solved that problem by using oil finishes
> exclusively.
> Anyway, you can see a sample of my paper after coating but before
> exposure at
> Yes, I see the hair at the
> top. Is this coating really as uneven as it seems to me? Is there enough
> (too much?) pigment?
> Thanks Charles Portland Or
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