Re: Spotting Alt Prints

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Date: 02/14/04-04:50:01 AM Z
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I have found that it is easier sometimes to leave the clear spots and snakes
on the negative donšt spot with opaque. Then when you get a coloured snake
or spot on the print carefully prick it out with a sharp surgeons scalpel
ie. donšt add instead subtract, and then if there are very small white bits
left use an eight times linen tester and spot under magnification.

Hope this helps


> Clear sky areas are the ones that come to mind first and white spots and
> snakes flying through the sky don't make me happy. Miss matched colors
> are very noticeable in those areas. Especially if I have used opaque on
> the film to produce a white spot to begin with. And it is painful to not
> be able to finish an otherwise perfect print.
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