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To all,
This came from a Leica newsletter the other day and is probably expected R&D.

>_Leica Camera Group is working on digital solutions
  for Leica M and Leica R systems

The Leica Camera Group of Solms, Germany, plans to use
the proceeds of the sale of convertible bonds to create the
financial basis for its innovation and distribution strategy.
The emphasis of the development work that is already in
progress is on hybrid concepts that combine digital
technology with proven analog products.
Well over one million high-grade Leica lenses for the Leica
R- and Leica M systems await a solution for being used
optimally in conjunction with digital technology.
Our approach to digital cameras for existing lenses
conforms to our philosophy of decades-long system
compatibility and to our belief that the optics are the
decisive elements for outstanding photographs not the
analog or digital path to those photographs, states chief of
technology Ralf Coenen. In the Leica R single-lens-reflex
line, work on the digital back for LEICA R8 and LEICA R9
cameras - the LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R is making good
progress in cooperation with Danish firm Imacon A/S and
the Kodak ISS sensor division. Another step in this
direction is the development of a digital solution for the
Leica rangefinder system, which has already been in the
works for some time. For a long time, physical constraints
were the obstacles to digital solutions for rangefinder
cameras: Because of the absence of a mirror box as it
exists in single lens reflex cameras, the rear element of a
lens is often located very near the image plane. As a result,
light rays strike that plane at an oblique angle, and this
causes quality problems with todays sensor technology.
Based on a preliminary development project, we are now
certain that a new generation of sensors with improved
micro-lenses will lead to an image quality of the level that is
expected of Leica, informs Mr. Coenen.

Further information:

Further information on the LEICA DIGITAL-MODUL-R:

If you and your browser can handle Japanese, check this out:
> At PMA 2004, Epson is showing a rangefinder based digital camera. One
> panel says the camera was designed and engineered by Epson and
> developed with partnership with Cosina. Apparently, the body is based
> on Cosina-Voigtlander's Bessa R series, and apparently, the lens mount
> is Leica M mount. Details haven't been disclosed yet, and Epson said
> they'll announce more about this camera in March.
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