Re: Oiled Digital Neg + Cyanotype = Simplest Method For A Beginne r ?!? [ HELP! :)]

Date: 02/13/04-12:17:49 AM Z
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Would some of the waxes work for this that people are using to wax their
PT/PD prints?

Or would the wax effect wane?

Mark Nelson

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> > I have printed cyanos using paper and inkjet negs coated with olive oil
> Of several different oils I liked canola oil best -- didn't get rancid &
> didn't smell. The mineral oil I tried (I suppose there are different ones)
> left a residue of some sort... and castor oil didn't translucentize as
> well. Linseed oil is a drying oil, and also darkens in time, so NG on
> both counts.
> I used to iron the paper & rub a stick of parrafin on it to melt, but I
> found with a serious negative (as opposed to xeroxes) it's EXTREMELY hard
> to get the parrafin even -- it mottles.  Oil is always even.
> J.
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