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> At 11:48 PM 2/11/2004 -0500, you wrote:
> >which sex would that be? hehehehe

Actually, women did the fainting, hence the smelling salts. But today
that's figured to be the result of their tight corsets and "lacing"
(remember Scarlett O'Hara?)... There was in fact some kind of index of the
reduction in waist size achieved, that they bragged about... And that
caused prolapsed uterus and other internal organ problems... Still, many
could faint on demand (not a skill to be sneered at). If the men fainted,
it hasn't entered the literature, that I know of.

PS. I made David's casein tonight... the ammonia bottle was opened long
ago, but I forgot to get a new one, and it was still nearly full... So to
be on the safe side I put in A LOT. Probably a mistake -- but it did
smell. I figure if that makes it too thin, I'll put in less sensitizer or
more paint...


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