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Date: 02/12/04-11:27:40 AM Z
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This kit has been out for many years and works fine. I think the folks
@ BlueprintsPrintables perhaps made many of the original papers . .but
am not quite sure. You can still purchase paper ready-made from them.
I've made a few books using this and it works great.
Jack Fulton

On Feb 11, 2004, at 9:28 AM, Christopher Lovenguth wrote:

> I was in the Whitney Museum the other night in the gift shop and I saw
> they had this art kit for kids to make “blue prints” that develop in
> running water. The kit contains 25 sheets of sensitized 5x7 paper with
> a plastic contact frame all for $10. Does anyone know if this is just
> blue paper (don’t know the technical name but what architects use) or
> cyanotype paper? I meant to buy some but got distracted by something
> else. For that price to have 25 sheets ready-made paper to use in a
> bind, I want to try it. Has anyone else? I know other companies make
> this stuff to for kids that probably sells at the Discovery Channel
> store, etc.
> - Chris
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