Oiled Digital Neg + Cyanotype = Simplest Method For A Beginner ?!? [ HELP! :)]

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Date: 02/11/04-10:57:42 AM Z
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Dear All,



I am new to this list [as you all must already know :)]


Also I am a novice in Alternative Photography [actually, not even a novice -
yet to start!]


I am thinking of starting-off with a cyanotype [with my limited knowledge
from online articles etc.]...


Is this what you all would suggest? I have no background in chemistry...


Is there a simpler/less complex method to begin-with?


Can you point me to a good website where I can find highly detailed
procedure to help me make my first & "successful" print? :)


Also, I can't afford large-format negs.


I was thinking of making digital negs from commercial graphic houses.

[that would cost me INR 0.75 per sq. inch... you know, the ones used for


However, reading the digital-neg process of oiling on the list, I thought I
would try that out as my first.


I have an HP Deskjet inkjet printer...


What do I do?:

1. Choose my image...

2. Change its size to desirable output[say 8'x10' @ 300 dpi]...

3. Turn-it to monochrome [black monochrome OR B/W]...

4. Invert it [neg effect]...

5. Print as Black Only...

6. Oil the print [which is the best oil to do this ?]...

7. Insert it in a clear-thin plastic cover/bag...

8. Make contact-print...



Is this correct?


Where can I get best info on making oiled-digital-negs on an inkjet [what
paper, what oil, what resolution, etc.]?


Please HELP all you can...



Thanking you,

With Regards,



Paresh Pandit

Mumbai, IN.

February 11, 2004



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