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Wow Ryuji - Do we have a lot in common!

I have been making yoghurt for a long time as well!

You wrote:
The "acid" you referred to is made by these active
bacteria as they grow (thus overfermented yogurt is sour).

I personally love acidic yoghurt esp. when it is flavored
with a suitiable fruit!

But it CAN go bad as well...

If your
> homemade yogurt is too runny, there can be a number
> of possible
> problems.

Yes, but first before throwing it all up in the air and
giving up, make sure you are using the proper ratio... Use
less than or equall to 10 percent of the total final vol.
can be starter.

Try 90 to 100 ml fesh yoghurt per 900 to 910 ml. milk.
Warm yoghurt, with a good strain of strong, fresh seed
yoghurt (not eating yoghurt) often is quite firm even at
40 degrees C.

But in general, yoghurt needs to be well chilled whereupon
it firms up quite a bit.

Also it is important to remember that many commercial
yoghurts contain Gelatin to make a more firmer set.

Milk should be made concentrated by adding
> dry milk powder,

I don't see why this is necessary.
Even skim milk works.

Plain milk works fine.
Why get too messy, too complicated... ?

And about sterilizing... don't forget you can used a fresh
new carton direct without sterilization...

It worked perfect for almost a year in my lab.

Using too little starter is worse than using too
> much.

Not really.
Too much will almost insure you will get a two phase
yoghurt... in my experience.

Too little, if you are in fact working in otherwise steril
conditions, will just take longer.

<This non-contact thermometer...

Cool! The last I checked they were not so accurate nor as
precise as I needed...

Do you have one ?
Which one? How does it work?
Can you read it in the dark?

> I used to have a yogurt making web page -- maybe I
> should edit it again and put it back up....

Good Idea.

Thanks for that pile of papers!

We are just gonna have to meet someday!

Oh, and to keep this OT Slightly ONT, Silver Halide
Emulsion and Joghurt look so much alike in the darkroom!

It is a wonder I did not eat the other and coat the one!


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