Re: What about 1200x1200dpi laser printers for digital negatives?

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Date: 02/10/04-04:26:39 PM Z
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> Kate, The problem may be the laser printer with its defined dot. Have you
> tried stochastic dot of inkjet? I made waxed paper negatives on Epson
> 1160 (list price $299, bought for $199) that did NOT show dot in
> cyanotype, vandyke, or gum... and on paper NO BANDING. (Sometimes banding
> on pictorico.) I didn't try it for silver gelatin, but I have an enlarger
> for that.

No, I am using inkjet - I never have any banding problems now, did with the
last printer. Maybe it is the lack of dot gain as you say. I was trying to
contact print negs of composite files made on the computer through inkjet -
a bit complex.

> Tho didn't you mention something about oiling being slow? I didn't find
> that... just spread canola oil with finger or three, let sit a few moments
> & wipe with paper towel to remove excess. But what I did find was that
> within a day oiled paper starts to dry out and the curve changes. I never
> did experience the advertised rancid odor... but if you want to print
> consistently, re-oil if using neg after a few days....

I brush on the oil, leave it for an hour, rebrush....etc.....about six
times.The next morning the negs are completely translucent and evenly
covered, then I put them in plastic sleeves and they never seem to need
redoing. Maybe it's the paper I'm using but this seems to be the best

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