Re: Chrome Alum Gelatin hardener

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Date: 02/10/04-03:54:49 PM Z
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From: Kate Mahoney <>
Subject: Re: Chrome Alum Gelatin hardener
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 09:25:17 +1300

> What about with gum bichromate, Ryuki?

The answer is I don't know, and it's probably not in literature. There
are so many organic compounds that can be used to harden gelatin, and
some of them may have problems with certain dye couplers used in color
material, some have problems with emulsion coated in alkaline pH, and
there are a range of compatibility issues, but they are mostly
empirically discovered and chemically considered afterwards, and as
far as I know these are all concered about silver gelatin process.
(except for other fields, such as hardening of gelatin used for hard
gel capsules.) Then I look deeper into literature and find a longer
list of hardening compounds, and now a whole list of compounds that
reduce or remove some undesirable interactions so that the "bad" ones
can be used, a whole list of hardener enhancing agents so that "bad"
ones can be used in smaller quantity without reducing the desirable
effects, etc. Fortunately, I never needed any of those.

BTW My name is Ryuji, not Ryuki. I think I saw someone else saying
Ryuki before... it's a different name...

Ryuji Suzuki
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