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Date: 02/10/04-01:33:31 PM Z
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Hi Peter & Christina,

I've found several PVA based products for printing industry (they define
the it as: high viscosity PVA dispersion - there are middle and low
viscosity versions too. These products are generally used for book
binding and in the production of packing material), they say it is water
soluble when wet and the dry film can be cleaned using hot water or
solvents (what are PVA solvents?). I guess Gloy users develop their
prints in hot water. Is it so?

BTW, what would you think about the longevity of this kind of prints? I
mean gum(!) prints using PVA based adhesives...

A remark: I'm making all this research in order to:
a) make gum prints quickly (quick drying emulsion on quick drying
synthetic support)
b) to be able to use acrylic paints in my gum prints
Do you think I'm fighting against windmills?

Thanks in advance,

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> Then shouldn't the Archival PVA put out by Lineco in that
> yellow ochre label bottle work? I bet also there'd be a
> passeload of that kind of stuff in a craft store or photo
> store and for sure Light Impressions catalog. Maybe Light
> Impressions ships to Turkey? Chris
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> > Loris,
> >
> > Gloy is a water soluble PVA, which has been manufactured to
> look like
> > the old office stationary glue which did indeed contain gum
> acacia at
> > one
> time.
> > So any watersoluble PVA will do for instance childrens glue.
> >
> > Peter
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