Re: light source for very small prints?

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I have to agree with that. While I have been shooting large format
lately, I shoot a lot of different things and it's impossible for me to
always bring a large format camera with me. Unfortunately I still
haven't gotten around to buying a new enlarger and if it wasn't for
digital negs I would never be able to make images from pictures taken
with my small format cameras. It takes some practice and work to make
good digital negs, but the results can be great. While I won't give up
my large format cameras just yet, as I have some odd fascination with
processing sheet film, I still like knowing that I'm not in anyway
restricted when I throw a 35mm in my bag so I can go hiking.


Kate Mahoney wrote:

>Tom said:
>>But, my point is: you can enlarge your medium format negs and make alt
>>prints at any size. I've "crossed over" to doing enlarged negs
>>digitally. See Dan Burkholder's book. > Hope that helps.
>I must second this point of view - I've had a great deal of success with
>diginegs and am now crossing over to oiled paper to avoid the heinous price
>of OHP film I make tri-colour gums I was forking out $3.50 for
>each set of 3 8x10 sheets a pain if I had to tweak the negs for some
>reason..........oiling paper is slow but makes a wonderful translucent neg
>for gum.
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