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> can certainly relate to the beautiful landscape you live in and
> photograph.
> I've photographed my share of trash-strewn industrial sites in New Jersey,
> but here in Wyoming the occasional piece of wind blown trash is a major
> annoyance!
         Guess its more than is physically possible for you to remove the
trash. But then there's always Photoshop (grin, grin)
> My venture into alternative photography was inspired by Crawford's "The
> Keepers Of Light". As I experimented and learned how to print cyanotype
> gum, I also studied photo history.
                      Crawford. Me too. I also studied Art history. I was
making representational images with photography long before Crawford, though,
because I wanted to escape from being an extreme Abstract Expressionist painter
in the late 50's ( I had gotten the images of destruction and dereliction from
the blitz in London out of my system by then ) and the camera could so easily
be used to replace the pencil and the brush.Why not?
>The Pictorialist style intrigued me, in
> part because a lot of gum printing was done during that era. When an
> exhibit of Pictorial Photography was hung at Princeton University, I went
> see it. I was amazed at the quality of some of the work there, in
> particular the gum prints, that being my primary interest. Some of the
> prints were large and very dramatic. That show was quite inspiring.
> While there, I purchased the exhibit catalog: Record of the Art Museum,
> Princeton University, Volulume 51, Number 2, 1992. ISSN:0032-843x.
> an introduction and essay on pictorial photography by Peter C. Bunnell.
> Bunnell also makes a passing mention of his book "A Photographic Vision:
> Pictorial Photography 1889-1923".

             Someone big, I seem to remember, made a name for doing photos of
trash. Probably, many have done this. Could those pics be classified as ''
pictorialist ?''

             How was your recent exhibition received?
                                           Catch you later. John -

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