Re: light source for very small prints?

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Date: 02/08/04-11:40:20 PM Z
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Usually the warm up period is arround the 3 minutes, 5 to get to its best.
If you turn it off and on quickly it might not restrike, you have to wait
some minutes ītil the lamp cools down. So the best thing is to leave it on
as long as you are printing.

Agustin Barrutia
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> On 02/08 17:55, Gordon J. Holtslander wrote:
> > self-ballasting mercury vapour lamp. It is a mercury vapour lamp that
> > be screwed into a standard incandescent socket.
> Cool! I think this is what I'm looking fer...something simple.
> > exposures unless you are willing to leave the lamp on for extended
> > of time.
> How long do you think I need to keep it on to "warm up period?"
> >
> > Its also necessary to use a fixture capable of handling the power
> > by the lamp.
> What's that mean? :)
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> Eric
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