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Epson 4870Oh my mouth is watering!
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  I apologize if you get multiple copies of this message. I tried to send it to the list this past evening from another computer on my wireless hub but the message did not not seem to make it to the list.

  Just in case anyone is interested the Epson 4870 scanner is now shipping. Looks to be a very good buy considering the features. The 6X9" scan area will allow scanning of 5X7s, something the 2450 and 3200 did not permit, and the 4800 dpi optical sounds should be more than adequate even for medium format scanning.


  EPSON Perfection 4870 Photo features summary

      * The ideal scanner for professional film scanning with DIGITAL ICE dust and scratch removal for film and prints
      * Unparalleled quality at 4800x9600 dpi optical resolution
      * Remarkable detail recognition with 3.8DMax optical density
      * DIGITAL ICE for Film and Photo Print Technology - identifies the precise locations of physical defects, or visual "noise" on a print or film being scanned
      * New, larger, brighter film adapter with moving lamps
      * Grain reduction technology - the user can choose to remove grain detail from scans
      * Custom EPSON film lamp, chromatically optimised for faster film scanning
      * Extensive film support: scan up to 24x frames of 35mm film, 8x frames of 35mm slides, 3x 6x12cm [max] frames of 120/220 format film or 2x 4"x5" large format film.
      * Colour Restoration - available with EPSON scan software
      * SilverFast SE6 - professional scan and imaging software.


    There are still some wood 4x5 plate holders around which were designed for glass plates. Try eBay or some seller of antique photo equipment. They work great for 4x5 dag plates. You may have to repair them. I got a deal once on six which had various broken parts and was able to assemble 2 good ones via the application of some glue and trading parts.

    Bob Schramm
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      From: Gregory Popovitch <>
      Subject: RE: Dags and view cams (was Re: Toyo 810G and Fidelity Delux film holders)
      Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 09:22:53 -0500

      Hi Jon,

      That's right, film holders won't work for dag plates.
      You need something which will hold something thicker
      (dag copper plates are usually about 1mm thick) and
      won't require bending for insertion.

      The solutions I can think of:

      - try to find old plate holders. This is not easy,
        especially if you are looking for a "modern" size
        like 4x5". They usually came in plate size
        (quarter plate = 3 1/4 x 4 1/4, half plate = 4 1/4 x
         6 1/2, full-plate = 6 1/2 x 8 1/2)

      - have some plate holders made for you (see or
        make your own. I believe Mike Robinson at
        Century Darkroom
        will also make plate holders to your specifications.

      - if you can find 8x10" plate holders, it is not too hard
        to make a reducing plate to 4x5". Some old plate holders
        I found came with reducers in them, but all in plate sizes.

      - rig a polaroid 4x5 or readyload holder so that it will
        take plates. I've done that for using 1/4 plate size
        on a Mamiya Universal, but it is not very convenient and
        limited to 1 exposure before reloading. I've also heard of
        people adapting graflex film packs.

      I would recomment using plate holders, and then make sure
      the positionning of the ground glass in the camera agrees
      with the position of the plate in your holders.

      Good luck with your dags, and let us know how they turn out.


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