Re: light source for very small prints?

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Date: 02/08/04-05:55:40 PM Z
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When I started doing alt-process I worked with my 4x5 negatives. I used a
self-ballasting mercury vapour lamp. It is a mercury vapour lamp that can
be screwed into a standard incandescent socket.

These work OK for small print sizes, but they have a warm-up time in which
they don't produce as much UV light. It tricky to get consistent
exposures unless you are willing to leave the lamp on for extended periods
of time.

Its also necessary to use a fixture capable of handling the power consumed
by the lamp.


On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, Eric Maquiling wrote:

> Hiya
> I've given up my search for an inexpensive 4x5. However, I would like
> to start experimenting with small prints this year with 6x6 images.
> I've read some links on how to make UV lights and other light sources,
> but at such a small image, does anyone have a suggestion on some kind
> of light source I can use just for small prints? There _must_ be
> something I can get at the mega home store for small prints. I can
> get one of these conical shaped light fixtures with a ceramic base and
> I can just put that right on top of a small paper (less than 5x5).
> --
> Eric

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