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Thanks Eric.. yeah, I am not using a bath for sensitizing, because of
the size of my prints I am using a Haki Brush and applying selectively
to the paper by hand.

So u've had luck with a 12% sol'n?

On Feb 8, 2004, at 4:59 PM, Eric Nelson wrote:

> I always followed Reilly's rule of thumb below
> following sensitization of a number of prints.
> "Replenish the lost volume with a silver nitrate
> solution twice as strong as the original bath. For
> example, if the original strength and volume were 1
> liter of 12% silver solution and after a printing
> session only 850 ml remained, replenish with 150 ml of
> 24% silver solution. This should restore the silver
> bath to the original strength and volume. If citric
> acid is used in the sensitizing solution, it is
> replenished strictly on the basis of volume lost from
> the solution. For example, if the liter of sensitizing
> solution had originally contained 5% citric acid
> (i.e., 50 g) and 850 ml was left after a printing
> session, then the missing 15% of the original volume
> of 1 liter represents a loss of 15% (i.e., 7.5 g) of
> citric acid. Thus the 150 ml of replenisher would
> contain 7.5 g citric acid in addition to the required
> amount of silver nitrate."
> Also because of the organic albumen & salt getting
> into the silvering solution, the solution will start
> to turn dark and start causing problems in
> sensitization and the resulting prints. By adding
> kaolin powder (active ingredient in KeopectateŽ =D )
> and shaking the solution, and allowing the kaolin to
> settle overnight, the organic contaminants are
> removed.
> You can find all the specifics here
> Eric
> --- "Adam. Waterson" <> wrote:
>> Ey y'all
>> I'm working with Albumen printing and am coming
>> across a bit of a
>> difficulty with my sensitizing material. I was
>> wondering if any of you
>> had a good "recipe" for the amount of Silver Nitrate
>> to Water. I know
>> there is a threshold at which too much Silver
>> Nitrate makes the print
>> weaker, not stronger. Was just wondering anyone had
>> a really good
>> concentration worked out, I know it has to
>> correspond to the pH of the
>> Albumen you're using, but I was just hoping for a
>> point to start
>> experimenting more heavily off of.
>> ALSO... Where do people get Silver Nitrate from? It
>> is out of stock at
>> TriEss, and I don't buy from photographers
>> formulary, it is far too
>> expensive through them. So anyone know other
>> chemical dealerships?
>> Thanks!
>> Adam.
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