Silver Nitrate in Albumen Printing... Concentration Question

From: Adam. Waterson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/08/04-03:42:22 PM Z
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Ey y'all

I'm working with Albumen printing and am coming across a bit of a
difficulty with my sensitizing material. I was wondering if any of you
had a good "recipe" for the amount of Silver Nitrate to Water. I know
there is a threshold at which too much Silver Nitrate makes the print
weaker, not stronger. Was just wondering anyone had a really good
concentration worked out, I know it has to correspond to the pH of the
Albumen you're using, but I was just hoping for a point to start
experimenting more heavily off of.

ALSO... Where do people get Silver Nitrate from? It is out of stock at
TriEss, and I don't buy from photographers formulary, it is far too
expensive through them. So anyone know other chemical dealerships?
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