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It may have been:

Bed, Bath & Beyond
Linens & Things
Or Williams-Sonoma (
nameform=1&imgs=1&words=rolling+pin) Maple Rolling Pin with ball bearings
(nice feature) $32

Here is an aluminum one measuring 18 inches that has a teflon coating. It's
only $9.95!-wish it had ball bearings. heheheh Dick Blick
carries this one too

Marbel Rolling pin $14.95

Nylon Rolling pin without handles- $59.95! Geez.... no handles and no ball

A couple different size rolling pins for $100+

Some might be better than others in terms of weight and smoothness of
surface. I don't know if there is a need to have heat... some could be warmed
before use .... or made colder...if that has any affect.

I would assume non-stick would be a good feature... there are also specialty
rolling pins that cut patterns into the dough, but I sorta figured those
should be elimiated...though you might develop a new alt process with one.

Years ago I became frustrated because I could not find a decent rolling pin.
 Grandmother Nelson had taught me to bake really good pies and make excellent
pie crust. (when I wasn't out doing chores on the farm) So, I powered up
my handy wood lathe and created the mother of all rolling pins, which I still
have today. It's made of 1" laminated birdseye maple and measures about 6.5
inches in diameter. The cylinder is 18" long. The handles are made of
rosewood. It weighs a ton. But it will flatten a wad of pie dough in two
passes. I use it to roll my lawn too.

Mark Nelson

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> Mark,
> If you remember the name of the store with the roller let me know.
> Thanks.
> Gordon Chapple
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