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Interesting looking brush Kenro is using in the "Process" video clip.
Anyone know what it is?


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For those of you that can't make it to Houston to see the Izu show,
website may provide you with some interesting information about the


Don Bryant

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> Anybody who is in Texas over the next month might like to visit the
> Booker-Lowe gallery in Houston, to see a show of Kenro Izu
> platinum/palladium prints. These are the Angkor Wat pictures that
> you may have seen in a book or read about. They are truly
> impressive. The prints are 14x20! Kenro Izu was there yesterday at
> the opening and I talked with him a bit about Angkor Wat, the banyan
> trees that are growing all over it, and the task of getting mammoth
> cameras to the site. I also told him that one of his pt/pd prints
> was the first one I ever saw, and it started me on my whole alt
> process trip.
> The gallery is open on Thursdays through Saturdyas from 11-5 or by
> appointment. Email or call
> 713-880-1541. The show will be there until March 31.
> --shannon

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