RPS Historical Group Programme : Norwich 14 February

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The meeting in Norwich on St Valentine's day is one of the Group's continuing
programme of events away from London.

Norwich itself is very much a cultural centre in its own right whose artistic
life has affected the way we see the world for centuries as  example, we have
the Norwich School of watercolour painters and the modern Norwich School of
Art and Design.(local photographs which  comes immediately to mind are
Emerson's platinum prints of the Norfolk broads, see below )

Here is the programme for the day :

The cost, apart from food, will be to meet entrance fees, about £5. Non
members are welcome.

!0.00    Meet at Norwich Castle Museum, (atrium) for a conducted tour of the 
exhibition 'A Period Eye' of photographs from the Colman and Eaton
collections of 1840s and 1850s photographs of Norwich and Norfolk. Here we have the
chance to see work by earlier photographers of the Norfoilk landscape and people.
11.00   Transfer to University of East Anglia (UEA) for coffee       
11.45   John Benjafield who is a respected researcher, collector and dealer
in East Anglian photography will talk on  19 Century Photography in Norwich in
the  UEA seminar room
12.30   Lunch
1.30    The exhibition 'Machu Picchu & the Camera', at the Sainsbury Centre
for Visual Arts, UEA.. The exhibition includes photographs by American
explorer'  Hiram Bingham who 'discovered' Machu Picchu in 1911 and the Peruvian
photographer who photographed Machu Picchu in that and subsequent decades.These
historic photographs are compared with 21st century photographs by
Charles-Chadwyck Healey and Hugh Thomson who curated this exhibition.
2.30            Transfer to Tea room near Library 
3.30  Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library. Clive Wilkins Jenkins, Walter
Clutterbuck of Marsham whose life's work contained in 30 Volumes of photographs
was donated to the Norwich Millennium Library after the disastrous fire in

The following is useful background to this talk by Clive Wilkins Jenkins:

The new Norfolk and Norwich Millennium library has seen the return of rare
books, art works, manuscripts and photographs which make up the county’s

When fire destroyed Norwich Central Library in 1994, some of the county’s
precious history went up in flames with it. But while the damage was severe much
of the country’s heritage has been saved by a "phoenix from the flames" rescue
operation. When the new Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library opens on
November 1, visitors will be able to view an impressive collection of 60,000 items
in the Norfolk Studies Library, pieced together from across the globe. Some
items miraculously survived the disastrous blaze - but about 8000 books,
manuscripts and photographs subsequently needed thousands of hours of work to
painstakingly restore smoke and fire damage.    
One of the many problems has been the staining caused by water-damage. The
library’s copy of Peter Henry Emerson’s masterpiece, Life and Landscape of the
Norfolk Broads, was particularly badly affected. This volume needs to be sent
to specialists for further remedial work in the coming months.    
In addition, there are many others which were donated by the people of
Norfolk in the Great Norfolk Book Hunt launched in the wake of the library fire.
Among the gifts received was the life’s work of the Marsham photographer, Walter
Clutterbuck, contained in 30 volumes.    

The days events are scheduled to finish after 4 o'clock.
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