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Could you please elaborate on The New Pictorialism Society? Is this a
resurrection of a society by the same name that existed in the 70s
and 80s and, as best I understand, became inactive or defunct in the
early 90s?

Sandy King

>Many Alt-Photo workers are familiar with Photo Pictorialism and some work in
>the Pictorialist style today.
>The New Pictorialist Society is sponsoring a gallery exhibit of contemporary
>photo-pictorialism entitled, "EXPRESSIVE IMAGES - INTIMATE PHOTOGRAPHY".
>This juried exhibition will celebrate the vision and skill of contemporary
>photo-pictorialists who are working in the timeless style which established
>photography among the fine arts of visual expression.
>The title of this exhibit conveys that these images reflect a personal
>expression by the artist in the style of Pictorialism and are produced
>through his/her intimate involvement with the photographic image-making
>process. Thus, the classic techniques, such as Bromoil, Gum Bichromate,
>Platinum/Palladium, Carbon, etc., are especially appreciated.
>The Gallery chosen for the exhibition is very well known to the community of
>serious photography enthusiasts in Northern California. The exhibit will be
>presented from April 15 to May 30, 2004. So, the application deadline is
>March 17. If you are interested in receiving application information,
>please email your request to:
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