Re: Acrylic tube pigments for gum?

From: David J. Greiner Jr. ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/06/04-01:29:17 AM Z
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Yes, I have actually made a gum print with acrylics. The best luck I've
had the few times I've done it, is to use slightly more gum than normal
and allow it to soak longer than gum for development. The effect is
sort of gouache like and sort of resembles casein. I also had better
results with the cheaper student grade acrylics, but the professional
grade ones didn't work well at all. I'm sure someone with more
knowledge on the manufacturing process of acrylics could tell you why,
as I have no idea.

Here's a somewhat bad example, it's the only one I currently have
scanned. The image in real life has quite a bit more detail and doesn't
look so uneven. After I get some sleep (and if anyone's really that
interested) I can scan a better example.


Judy Seigel wrote:

>If this question was about using acrylic tube pigments for GUM printing,
>which the subject line suggests, the answer is no. Or mostly no. Gum
>relies on the emulsion being water-soluble when it dries except for the
>part that's hardened by dichromate in UV. Acrylic paint dries insoluble
>in water, period. ("Impermeable", which someone mentioned, means something
>else.) I've made gums with a *small* amount of acrylic paint in the mix,
>but doubt it's possible to make a gum print with all acrylic paint. (Has
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