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I'm not sure I understand your post correctly, Your highlights are printing
too dark and your shadows are not printing with enough density? At first it
sounded like you might be over exposing, but I'm not sure based on your
comments. Are you able to get maximum black but your highlights are too dark?

I think the confusion for me is that in your second paragraph and in your
last paragraph it is not clear to my pea-brain when you are referring to your
negative and when you are referring to your print.

Are you printing a Stouffer or other standard stepwedge along side the
digital negative? If so, what step gives you paper white and are any of the lower
steps—1,2,3 etc merging?

Are you pre-soaking the Stonehenge in Oxalic Acid before printing?

Mark Nelson

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> I am currently trying to create digital negatives on a Canon s9000 using
> Lyson Quad Black neutral inks with NO SUCCESS.
> The inks are dye-based, not pigment; and adhere/print beatifully to Agfa
> CopyJet, but don't appear to be able to block enough light and I just
> can't seem to build up enough density.
> I have only used thos setup once and will be testing this weekend further.
> I am using these negs for VDB & Kallitype on Fabriano Uno & Stonehenge
> Rising White,  exposed under BLB 48" tubes for 4-9 minutes and in all
> cases the highlights stained heavily long before reaching max black.
> Very frustrating.
> -Joe
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