Re: Quadtone Inks & Digital Negatives

From: Joe Tait ^lt;>
Date: 02/06/04-12:03:45 AM Z
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I am currently trying to create digital negatives on a Canon s9000 using
Lyson Quad Black neutral inks with NO SUCCESS.

The inks are dye-based, not pigment; and adhere/print beatifully to Agfa
CopyJet, but don't appear to be able to block enough light and I just
can't seem to build up enough density.

I have only used thos setup once and will be testing this weekend further.

I am using these negs for VDB & Kallitype on Fabriano Uno & Stonehenge
Rising White, exposed under BLB 48" tubes for 4-9 minutes and in all
cases the highlights stained heavily long before reaching max black.
Very frustrating.

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