Re: Some temperaprint questions - beware! these are dummy, beginners questions

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Date: 02/05/04-07:06:12 PM Z
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On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, pete wrote:

> Judy,
> Well ask your two friends Barbara Maloney and Cynthia Larson why they did
> it. Both have been under my thrall. Printing away hour after hour, when they
> attended my personal version of hell, the now defunct School of Temperaprint
> at the Nautilus Press, Ladbrooke Grove in London, during the latter part of
> the last century.

Hi Pete, I know Barbara is very thralled by temperaprint, but Cynthia
wasn't able, due to life's vicissitudes and phases of the planets, etc.,
to reach that plane. However... who knows what lies ahead?

> Come to think of it. I will be running masterclasses again this year at Can
> Serrat in Crazy Catalonia how about coming over I don't mind giving you a
> few lessons !!

Actually, the only trip I hope to take for the rest of forever is up one
flight of stairs to my studio -- the moment I get this issue out. But
speaking of the devil and thrall... my laser printer has suddenly blown a
gasket over one tiny piece of paper in a paper jam.... are you casting
spells over there?

Meanwhile, evidence is gum can do more things than I've even begun to
suspect, so don't want to make myself Crazy in Catalonia with
alternatives. But what's this about MASTER classes ?? I trust you mean as
in masterpiece, though possibly as in Masters of the Universe ? If you
want a Mistress class in gum anytime... well, don't come here, I'm not
doing that either.

Thanks anyway,

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