I'm going to Paris - any tips where to go??

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Date: 02/05/04-05:04:47 PM Z
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Hello everybody,
There is a good change that I'll be spending my summer vacation near Paris,
France this year.
I would like to go to into Paris one day by myself (somewhere between 24th
July and 7th August).

Does anyone has some tips where I could go in (or nearby) Paris?
I'm told there are some good shops for large format cameras overthere. I
want to buy some film for
18x24cm format and just look at the equipment.
I'm also interested in alternate photographic processes (posfactory
processes), exhibitions (concerning photography or equipment), books and
other related stuff.

If anyone has a good tip, please let me know.

Bert from Holland, Europe "have fun and catch that lightbeam"
my website: www.tegenlicht.com
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