Re: Acrylic tube pigments for gum?

Date: 02/05/04-10:25:46 AM Z
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Loris, sorry, didn't realize that you were in Istambul....just shows some
of that funny American naivette that all we have to do to get anything that we
need is to go to the corner store or pick up a phone (or order on the
internet)...I guess we're a spoiled people. I don't know what the situation is in
Turkey...since there are so many great producers of art supplies in Europe, I
would think that one of them might be able to accomodate you...but I don't know
what the trade regulations are over there, so I might be way off-base.
As Cactus mentioned, there are certain basic pigments that correspond to the
various process colors. It is difficult to have to "guess" about a
color...I've got several old color charts from some of the manufacturers that have
actual swatches of paper stained with the actual paints...I treasure them because
this is now just done by printing a piece with the printing inks representing
the colors. I'm doing oil painting now and I note that people who use oils
will differ about who makes the best Alizarin Crimson or whatever...color is
always a subjective thing.

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