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First let me look in my equipment closet and see exactly what I have. I vaguely recall that I may have 1 wooden holder (4x5) that works for plates but I'm pretty sure I have an 6x8 size wooden holder setup to use a 4x5 size plate. Since I've owned these for years and have not used them I'd let them go for $5 ea. plus shipping. It will take me a few days to determine exactly what and how many I have (not a lot). I'll get back to you ASAP with what I've got. BTW, I have an old Seroco Camera in good condition that uses the 6x8 holders if you are interested also. I know I sound like I'm running a camera store but actually I'm just trying to place this equipment with people that can use it and free up some space at home.



Oh Yeah, one more thing, I have a box of Defender 4x5 glass plates which one could recycle for dry plate usage, if you want them I'll send them for nuthin!

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HI Don,

How much do you need to get for the 4x5 plate holders????

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