Re: Quadtone Inks & Digital Negatives

From: Kees Brandenburg ^lt;>
Date: 02/05/04-07:38:56 AM Z
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Hi Sandy

This works for me:

Epson 1160
Mis Ultratone with photoblack
Agfa CopyJet

Currently I have no Pictorico here (though I will look after and old
print with some space left)


>Kee wrote:
>"With these Ultratone inks the smearing problem on agfa (and
>pictorico too, I presume, is over). Inks sink nicely into the
>coating and are much more scratch resistant than with the older
>To clarify, these inks work well on Pictorico?
>Which printers will work with the Ultratone inks?
>Finally, for negative making, as opposed to print making, what would
>be the advantages, theoretical or in practice, of the Ultratone
>inks over the Epson Ultrachrome inks used in the 2200?
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