Re: Some temperaprint questions - beware! these are dummy,beginners questions

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Date: 02/05/04-06:38:52 AM Z
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> It looks nice already!

I agree
> I think if you use a darker tone (say darker gray) and print one of two more
> coats (you could even reduce the exposure a little to print only the shadow
> parts), then you would get a very nice duotone image.
> Congratulations!
> Dave S
> PS: Pete, I hope you don't consider it rude that I am responding to
> questions about Temperaprint. I am just sharing my experience and I think
> sometimes it helps for someone who is trying a new process.

Dave you should know me better than that. I welcome your participation more
the merrier I say. I know a few people have poo poed the process in the
past. I think there is somewhere a comment by a member no longer with us
that it was a load of nonsense.

Good luck mate

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