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If I remember correctly, David Hoptman is indeed using a screen of 80%
density for the aquatint screen. I understand though that this is a linescreen
rather than stochastic and is around 300 lpi. on an imagesetter.

The image positives are then also made on an imagesetter with a stochastic
screen from a 600 ppi or 900 ppi file.

It seems the two different screening methods work best together, the regular
even dot pattern for the ground of the linescreen and the random pattern for
the image that is laid upon the ground.

Some info can be found at:

Mark Nelson

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> Hi Christina,
> Thanks for your response.  Have you tried under an industrial exposure unit,
> and
> if so, have you found any benefit in using that over the BLB setup?
> Stochastic screen it's sometimes called, but that's only if it's a random
> pattern.  The ones used and recommended by David Hoptman are 80% density
> with an
> even distribution of dots.
> Jon
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