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<Judy said>
> Is "Becher" (Bernd and Hilla?) the water silo duo? I'm a fan of their
> work & would guess, if the "silvering out" is as usual, it's glorious...
> And, AFAIK, not unarchival in that form... (?)

Yup, the water tower duo. The silvering out was in spots in white areas of
the sky sprinkled here and there. Very unattractive.
> We have BTW discussed the cause of that silvering out on this list, but as
> I recall... What is the authoritative answer? Incomplete removal of
> fixer?
I could dig up the article in Photo Techniques from years ago written by
Ctein, but if I remember correctly, it was some sort of outgassing of the
paper, esp if glassed. Richard Knoppow will know.

> > ....witness the loss of the 2 million dollar Marc Quinn sculpture head
> > of his own frozen blood that melted all over Saatchi's floor when the
> > workmen turned off the freezer accidentally. This is one mere example
> > many curatorial nightmares.
> I would say rather that a member of the Green Party pulled the plug on
> purpose, as protest against art that consumes non-renewable energy, ie.,
> round the clock electricity (& not just the energy to keep it frozen, but
> the energy to deal with the heat generated by the equipment to keep it
> frozen... & so forth)....

No, actually it was his girlfriend Nigella Lawson who was remodeling the

> Meanwhile of course the loss to posterity is obviously on a par with
> destruction of Venice. But just for curiosity: About the "2-million
> dollars"... Is that what Saatchi paid for it? What did it cost to make?
> (I daresay Quinn has got the mould in a vault somewhere... maybe he'll
> re-edition.)
 Bought for 35,000 in 1991, most recent estimate 2.3 mil. Re-edition would
cost Quinn 9 more pints of blood :)
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