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Hello Shannon,

 I actually agree with you. There were many people that wanted to buy
the cheapest and least amount of accessories they could and then were in
there later to spend more money on replacing something that was
inadequate. I'm not talking the difference between a $300 and a $1500
enlarger. People would actually complain about not wanting to pay a
dollar more for the ribbed printing trays and then show up two days
later to exchange them because their prints kept sticking to the bottom
of the tray. You can't On the other hand, there were many
people, usually upper class yuppies or their spoiled children who would
come in and spend thousands of dollars on stuff and they'd be back a few
months later to sell it back to us (at a hefty loss). I honestly think
this is were the store made all it's money, as the owner would then turn
around and sell the returned stuff online for a mark up on what he
bought it back for.

As for the guy in the original story, he came in a few more times to buy
film/paper/etc. and then I never saw him again. Maybe he moved out of
town or maybe he moved on, who knows? lol

I guess I always tried to recommend to the people that came into our
store a happy medium. I figure when someone is starting out, they
should get materials that won't let them down and items that they can
grow with. When alien archeologists are sifting through our planet in
the future, do you really care if they find any of your first images to
hang in the extinct primitive species exhibit in their museum? I know I
sure don'


"The last refuge of the insomniac is a sense
of  superiority to the sleeping world."
              -- Leonard Cohen
Shannon Stoney wrote:
>This is a funny story!  But some people who start out like this end up being very good at what they do.  I have a friend who is a watercolor artist (and a lawyer).  When he first started painting, he also went out and bought the finest brushes, paint and paper, even though he had just started painting. But he continued to paint and in a few years he could paint way better than I could after years of working on it.  I say, if you can afford to buy all the stuff you need to make really good prints right off the bat, go for it.
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