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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/01/04-05:06:00 PM Z
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Shannon wrote:

>I wonder if the light jet prints are more archival than the old C prints? If
>you are going to spend that kind of money making them or collecting them,
>you want them to last.

Did anyone else address this issue? If so I missed the answer in a
day spent trying to introduce a new male cat into the household with
two other cats. Lots of spitting, hissing and pissing going down here

But, there are basically two types of ink-jet printers out there.
Those that print with pigmented inks, and those that print with dye
inks. The ones that print with pigmented inks (Epsons primarily, such
as the 2000P, 2200, C80, C84, etc.) are almost certainly more
archival (God, can I use that word here?) than the old type C prints.

>Also, this trend makes me think that if you are old-fashioned enough,
>eventually you will come back into style. So, don't worry Judy: poorly
>crafted, fuzzy photographs will probably be all the rage in say 20 years or

Darn, so far in the future? Both Judy and I will both probably be too
old (or demented) by them to really appreciate and revel in her fame!!

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