Digital negatives with UV light.

From: Alex Swain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 12/31/04-07:44:38 AM Z
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After a few glasses of some good Cabernet I went into my darkroom and
had all my cyano stuff setup and thought to myself "what would happen
if I contact printed a digital negative onto regular RC fibre using my
BL tubes?". So I tried it, hanging the light about 6" above the image
with an exposure of (about) 1/250 and the results came out quite
interestingly after development. The image was a little blurry as
the negative wasn't perfectly flat on the paper but otherwise the
image came out quite ethereal and interesting. This was a color
digital negative, even.

Just curious if anyone has done stuff like this and what their results looks cool enough to experiment again.

Happy New Year!

Alex Swain (fo)
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