Ammonium Dichromate

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Date: 12/29/04-03:55:03 AM Z
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Just finished my first gum! An infrared print of my
bedroom window (original at:

Not a lot of contrast, but then I used "burnt sienna"
with a touch of black (sort of a curry brown)...then
again, our sunlight is a little hazed out today here
in Cairo, the local rice farms are burning their waste can smell it in the air... another
question: Why might my ammonium dichromate/distilled
water solution be forming crystal lumps in the bottom
of the bottle (glass, dark brown)? IS this normal?
Or should I dump and begin anew? My solution is 60g
dichromate to 150mL of distilled water. Should it be
stronger? Weaker? Gum is 30g to 180mL.


"The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds.
 The pessimist fears it's true" - J Robert Oppenheimer

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