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Hi Trevor ,
Hi all,

I am sorry that my words about Susan Sontag "" one of the most "European"
american writers "" may have caused trouble to some of you.
It's probably my bad use of English language that caused some
misinterpretation of my thoughts.

Like you, i'm absolutely convinced that there are no boudaries or nations in
"thinking" and in any case I want you to know that i'm absolutely not
"defending" any "particular regional methodology of thought". Though, I
agree that cultural differences actually exist over our planet and I take
them as a wealth for mankind.

As Trevor asked me, I would just precise my thought by saying that Susan
Sontag (who spent much of her time in studying and working with european
intellectuals) is very much praised and admired in Europe while she met
more contestation in her own country (this appears confirmed by articles
published in today papers, for which I'll give you links in another post)

Trevor, i'm sincerely sorry that my clumsy words have hurt you and that you
misinterpreted them as a qualitative distinction between European and
american way of thinking. All my apologies.

In any case, I think we 'll miss Susan Sontag, her writings and her acute
Cheers from France

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