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Oh come on, kids.

I'm not sure who first said it, "It does as much harm to take offense
as to make offense."

Our borders (nationalities, races, ideologies, religions, etc.) define
us and divide us. We have lost one who was at least thoughtful, and
for whom the humanity of our common art mattered. We have lost many
visionaries this year. Must we rail against one another?

Sometimes for me it seems there are no honorable responses--just
contrary reactions. We are socialized from early on to argue, to stake
a claim, to assert a contrary perspective to any given ground. I'm
tired of it all, personally.

Susan Sontag is dead. I'll be dead, too, before long--and so will you.
  I am grateful for her voice, whether I agree with her or not.

Life is the thinnest negative I've ever tried to print. How's it going
for you?

With apologies and regards to all,
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