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Anyone have any links to any tributes to Sontag that I might read on line?
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She was probably one of the most "European" american
writers of the time

Despite your national origin, and sensitivities that
naturally lie within, I'm troubled by this comment.
Lyndon Johnson, and I'm sure others, once remarked
that so much of American culture, or perhaps I'm
confusing this with "society", looks to the European
"standards" for acceptance and legitimacy and that a
unique American culture may lie victim to such
circumstances. I do believe such a culture can and
does exist, but understand the arguments against as it
is so difficult to pidgeonhole. Painting, dance,
music, religion, and the like help define a culture
(at least by western anthropolgical considerations!).
Given photography knows no international boundary in
use for expression, I would hate to see it fettered to
a particular regional methodology of thought. It's
not like art and expression are wine or bread. I'd be
very interested to know what you meant by her being
the "one of the most 'European' writers of the time."

god that sounds pc...i must now go and cleanse myself


"The optimist believes this is the best of all possible worlds.
 The pessimist fears it's true" - J Robert Oppenheimer

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