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That little book, "Towards a Philosophy of .... " was so dense I couldn't
read a page without writing a few of my own. I found it to have
implications far beyond photography (the apparatus!), teetering on a
proverbial fence between paranoia and reality, depressing limitations and
inspiring challenges and possibilities.

At 06:12 PM 12/28/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Whether this is off topic or not, i really could care less. I have been
>struggling with his work in my m.a. classes on visual culture. his work is
>pretty provocative, esp. "towards a philosophy of photography", and some
>of the insights profound. His 'photographic universe' seems to have many
>similarities with Sontag's 'image world', no?
>Flusser's ultimate aim for such a philosophy is freedom, which seems a
>little simplistic and naive on the surface, but is really quite profound
>(in my opinion), and suggests--to me at least--a connection to the work of
>Friere (e.g. Pedagogy of the Oppressed).
>what do /you/ think?
>Marie Wohadlo wrote:
>>Has anyone read Vilem Flusser?
>>What did you think?

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