Re: inkjet negative density with Epson 2200 printer

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Date: 12/27/04-04:30:41 PM Z
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Go to and you will
find information on how to blend black ink with the colors on the PDN
palette to produce more UV density than is possible by any
combination of colors on the palette itself.

Sam Wang and I actually worked this out and made a working template
that allows you to change the UV printing density merely by changing
the opacity of the black blending pigment and I have tested it myself
so I know that it works. By varying the opacity you can print with UV
density ranging from about 2.3 up to as high as 3.0 from digital
negatives made with the Epson 2200.

I belive that blending black with the other colors of the palette is
a better approach than increasing the amount of ink that is laid down
because with some color the latter approach may result in puddling
and the dreaded pizza wheels.


>Ok, I'll take a look at that setting. Thanks for the tip. Does
>anyone know if one profile tends to lay down more ink than another
>(glossy vs matte or some of the other newer profiles available for
>download from the Epson web site)?
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>Subject: RE: inkjet negative density with Epson 2200 printer
>A tip that Mark Nelson gave me is to use the ink configuration
>option found in the Advanced Printer settings. This can be used to
>increase the amount of inks by percentage increments of all colors,
>not just black. Of course some testing and experimentation will be
>Don Bryant
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>Subject: inkjet negative density with Epson 2200 printer
>Greetings all,
>While calibrating my curve for kallitype printing I noticed that it
>was nearly impossible to achieve a pure black without degrading the
>pure whites at the same time because light was still transmitting
>through the 100% black square on the step tab. I am currently
>using a non-colorized (B&W) negative with the 2200 matte paper
>profile on Pictorico OHP film. What can be done to improve the ink
>density on the negative to allow for pure whites on the print?
>Michael Klemmer
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